Rumpu-ukon puotis is a finnish online shop
which sells unik handmade shamandrums.
Shamandrums are perfect for relaxation,
making music, therapy, meditation or decoration.

The shamandrums come in different sizes and looks.
Mostly, what effects to a shamandrum sound, is a size.
The bigger the drum is the deeper and better the sound.
If you prefer you can most certainly start with a smaller drum.
All sizes have two things in common: unik appearance and good quality.

 Shamandrums has been used over the mankind history to healing,
asking advices from spirits and even practising a sorcery. 

 Drums we make does not have any magic within but person who
purchase the drum will create it with his/hers own energy.

 Our shamandrums could also been called powerdrums,
circledrums, witchdrums or native american drums.